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Department of English

    VT English Department
    VT English Department
    VT English Department
    VT English Department
"Speech is civilization itself. The word, even the most contradictory word, preserves contact–it is silence which isolates." 
–Thomas Mann The Magic Mountain, 1924

Giving Voice

Through its teaching, research, service, and outreach missions, the Virginia Tech English Department promotes the study of language and literature in all its forms. Through this study, our goal is to give voice to our students, our communities, and the people and organizations we study—to help them be heard.

Underlying our mission is the recognition that individuals and societies create and transform themselves in and through language—that language is the primary means by which all people express themselves, make sense of the world, frame questions, deepen understanding, cultivate aesthetic awareness, solve problems, and take action. Recognizing the power of language in this way allows us to recognize the individual and collective power of people through their use of language. That is why our mission--our calling--is Giving Voice.


Undergraduate English Major

The Department of English offers a major with three options for specialization.

Graduate Programs in English
Composition Program

The Department of English is home of the university's Composition program, where students learn writing strategies, critical thinking skills, and rhetorical approaches to communication in the classroom and beyond.

Curriculum for Liberal Education

The Department of English offers a number of courses that fulfill requirements in various areas of Virginia Tech's Curriculum for Liberal Education.

Interdisciplinary Programs with an English Component

Several minors offered by other departments within the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences contain an English component.

News to Share?

If you're a Department of English faculty member, staff member, or student, and you have news you'd like to share, contact

Andy Lautenschlager
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Alumni News

We want to hear from you!

Our newsletter has featured articles and notes about our English Department alumni. 

We would appreciate information about what you have been doing since leaving Virginia Tech. 

Please send material to

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